End of the World-canseled

(End of the World-canceled) “The end is at hand” – said Maya Indians, and we decided to stay close to the end! And we went to the heart of Maya civilization in the eve of the apocalypse, to the country with sweet-liqueur called Belize, for the opening of a supernova nightclub “Elite”.
Chunga-Changa – summer all year round – it’s just about Belize. And not just because here “Coconut drink, eat bananas.” Black tropikans Country, not sophisticated by Europe, have been dancing to Caribbean ethno for centuries, and was ready to completely surrender in erotic embrace hause-music now.
Belize met topless dj duo with tropical wet-heat, and slightly civilized locals by white beauties and they were opened for sex Missionary electronic music from snowbound Ukraine and took us to the “Princess Hotel” very welcoming.
As though outside the window December, but there was a quite May weather in Belize. Until May holidays are far away, but ancient Maya holidays have already been on the way. Scheduled end of the world on December 21, 2012 turned into a new era of house music in Belize – opening of a new nightclub Elite!
And we thought for nothing that Chunga-Changa residents can’t be surprised by Topless. «Sex, sex, sex on the beach!»- chanted elite Belize bohemia, filled the club, echoing the famous track.
The density of air was permeated by fashion illumination, and it was exploded by fancy electric sound and new sets, and well, of course mixed ringtone and Latin, for dessert!
It was stirred until dawn. And the sun was lit up, contrary to expectations that on December 22 it would not rise!
So, end of the world has not come! Life continues on the planet Earth. Be spoonful and multiply!


Sexy punta party


Interwyu dj duo Shah&mat on Belizian street


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