Djane duo Shah&Mat is the world sexiest and probably the most beautiful and extravaganza dj couple not having analogues ever. The duo appears on electronic market comparatively not long ago but it’s already famous and spoken all around. A lot of invitations to events and parties come every day.

ShahMat is a contrast of characters, plasticity, mood, music. And also the hair color. It’s really the duo of two queens: the day and the night, the light and the darkness, the past and the future…

Black Queen was going through the model, dancer, belly dancer career and after all became well known dj Mata Hari. Her own style and eccentricity already fired up the most fashionable night clubs with truly Arabic rhythms, hot mixes and erotic performances.

White Queen was a model since she was 15. She has already got used to be a star. As titled Miss Crimea she appeared on magazine covers, music videos and adverts really often. She always loved music. She was addicted to trendy clubs and fashionable lifestyle. She tries to sing, dance, design, write lyrics, play music. Her friends are designers, musicians and djs. Having refused the offer to be with big businessman, she changed golden cage with diamonds for freedom and search.

Once upon a time Black Queen, known as dj Mata Hari, met the hostage of the richness, who was even called “the wife of a Shah” on the Fashion TV party in Cairo. They instantly liked each other and found out that they have common vision of life and music.

Idea comes immediately! The project, which was based on the contrasts, but in the same time looks very similar and united. Beautiful and sexy. With powerful music end sexy performance. That moment the extravagant dj duo was born.

The name of the project came up instantly. It is based on the different hair colors, different tempers, parts of the name Mata Hari and the nickname of “the wife of the Shah”. Also they found out that “Shahmat” means “the end of the governing” so there was no doubt anymore.

The success of the project was proved by the very first performances that became a furor!

Rulers we dare you to play Shahmat’s party!

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